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Welcome to Lulu Tai Chi!

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Tai Chi Classes

Our classes are divided into four levels. At the completion of each level, you will receive a sash for that level. A white sash is for level one, yellow for level two, green for level three and black for level four.

Level One


Tai Chi Warming Up Exercise:

18 movements from head to toe helps you open up your energy center and be ready to create the Chi- the vital energy circulating in the body to ensure the smooth functioning of internal organs.


Tai Chi Basics

Fundamental movements of Tai Chi help you build up a solid, accurate foundation for the 24-form Tai Chi, although each movement itself is good enough to produce positive effects on the body.


24-Form Tai Chi

This form of Tai Chi is the most popular form in China. It consists of almost all the important movements of Yang-style Tai Chi; therefore it can help achieve the similar effects as other long forms. As it normally only takes five minutes to finish, it is regarded as being convenient to practice and easy to remember.


Level Two


103- form Tai Chi

It is consisted of 103 movements. Normally it takes about 25 minutes to finish. It requires good balance and stamina built up from Level One.



Level Three


Tai Chi Sword

This is another way of increasing strength, suppleness and stamina. The graceful movements with the sword bring you the feeling of self-enjoyment in addition to all the other health benefits.


Level Four


Kungfu Fan

This is a combination of Kungfu and Tai Chi done with a fan. It lets you taste the beauty of both hard and soft strengths. It also enables you to enjoy the benefits of both aerobic exercise and meditation.


Broad Sword

This is a more physically challenging form. It works especially well in vitalizing respiratory, muscular, and cardiovascular systems.


Long Fist

The forms of the Long Fist consist of extended kicks and striking techniques. They can improve overall body mobility in the muscles, tendons, and joints. They are difficult to perform, requiring great flexibility and athleticism.