888 East West Cultural Center

Come join us in our daily practice of Tai Chi!

Let us start our day with positive energy from doing Tai Chi!
Rates and Practice

Each level is a 3-month program, twice a week. $300/month for level one, $350/month for level two, $400/month for level three and $450/month for level four

We also provide more flexible learning schedules which adapt to the needs of individuals who want to conduct lessons on an individual or a small group basis. Rates are:

One person at $40/hour

Two people at $22 each/hour

Three people at $15 each/hour

Four people at $12 each/hour

Five people at $10 each/hour

More than six people at $9 each/hour


We also provide morning practice for all the members in the Tai Chi programs free of charge. Our daily practice starts at 7:15am during weekdays and 9:15am during every other weekends. Participants are expected to wear Lulu’s Tai Chi uniform and the recent sash if you have got one. A $50 annual membership fee will be charged to all the members.