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Once learned, it is the treasure that will last your lifetime. Come join the class and you will feel an immediate effect on your energy level!
The photo on the right is Lulu with Chen Jing, the World Kungfu Champion 1997.
Tai Chi Programs

Tai Chi adopts the traditional medical theory of promoting the circulation of qi, or vital energy in the body to ensure the smooth functioning of the internal organs. Tai chi is effective in promoting respiration, blood circulation and digestion, gently stimulating the metabolism and self-regulating functions of the body. In addition it has proved valuable in treating and preventing nervous disorders, heart disease, high blood pressure, and other chronic illnesses. You can also improve your balance, coordination and posture by practicing these simple, gentle movements, and feel an immediate effect on your energy level !

Lulu has been practicing Tai Chi for 23 years. She learned her Tai Chi from Fei Yi-sheng, a high level Tai Chi master in Beijing, Chen Jing, the 1997 World Kungfu Champion, and Yang Jun, the sixth descendant of Yang-style Tai Chi creator. Lulu has been a certified personal trainer since 2004 and she is a member of International Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association. With the instruction of the three excellent masters and through many years of practice, she has formed a unique, effective system of Tai Chi practice, proven to be suitable for people at all ages by her personal teaching experience.