888 East West Cultural Center

Welcome to our language programs!

A good place to learn Japanese, Chinese, English.

Language Programs

Teaching Japanese or Chinese to local students, residents and business people.

As China and Japan are the second and third biggest economies in the world only next to the U.S. and they are the two important business partners of the U.S., it will benefit you greatly to be able to use the language, whether you want to do business or have fantastic experiences in your travel in either country.

The classes will mainly taught by Dr. Lulu Smith. As a native Chinese, Lulu possesses intimate knowledge of Chinese culture as well as Chinese language. First as an international student and then as a professor living in Japan for about 16 years, Lulu can surely say the same for Japan.

Rates are:

One person at $40/hour

Two people at $22 each/hour

Three people at $15 each/hour

Four people at $12 each/hour

Five people at $10 each/hour

More than six people at $9 each/hour